Solingen katliamında hayatını kaybeden vatandaşlarımızı anma vesilesiyle Eindhoven'da düzenlenen fener alayında Başkonsolos Togan Oral tarafından yapılan konuşma

Togan Oral 24.12.2013
Eindhoven Barış ve Hoşgörü Fener Alayı Konuşması
24 Aralık 2013 - Eindhoven

Geachte Wethouder Torunoğlu,
Beste Eindhovenaren,

20 Years ago, people of Eindhoven, women and men; old and young, rushed to the streets to cry out as loud as they could; to express their sorrow about a horrifying tragedy which claimed the lives of 5 innocent people in Solingen, Germany.
It has been 20 years since Hülya and Saime; four and nine years old; 12-year-old Gülüstan; Hatice, and Gürsün, 18 and 27 years old; died in the flames in their sleep in Solingen. May God have mercy on them and may they rest in peace.
After the house of Family Genç burned, four suspects were arrested. They were between 16 and 23 years of age and from the same neighborhood. Their motive was xenophobia. The court gave them prison sentences of between 10 and 15 years. Two were released early for good behavior!
Just as the tragic deaths, the young age of the perpetrators of this inhumane attack also came as a shock. They were brainwashed at such an early phase of their lives.
They have been indoctrinated to believe that, there are superior and inferior cultures and races; and different cultures cannot and should not live together.
However, people in Eindhoven prove just the opposite.

You prove that an open society without discrimination will benefit us all. That is the philosophy behind the success of Eindhoven, the city of innovation; the city of future. This philosophy has been the main building block of the Dutch democracy for centuries.

500 years ago, The Netherlands invited the Iberian Jews who were being prosecuted by the Spanish inquisition. They have put their mark in the flourishing Dutch trade all over the world.

50 years ago you have invited people from Turkey, Morocco, Greece, Italy to help you recover from the destruction of the Second World War. They have contributed to the development of Dutch industry and helped you to build one of the most successful welfare states in the World.

And today, thousands of engineers, the brightest young brains from all over the world, are pushing the limits of their creativity to build the world of the future in the Hi-Tech Campus in Brainport - Eindhoven.

You prove that it is possible to live together in dignity.

However, there are groups and political organizations
preaching hatred of “the other” or “the foreigner” based on religious, racial or cultural differences. Racism, xenophobia, intolerance and all other forms of discrimination is a present danger to our societies.

The tragedy which claimed the lives of two young members of the Family Kaya in 2004 in Eindhoven reminds us all the proximity of this threat.
The findings of the ongoing trial of NSU Neo Nazi group in Germany prove that racism and xenophobia are deep rooted diseases which take years of persistent and determined efforts to cure.
However, No political strategy or education curriculum can have a better result than the collective efforts of the ordinary people.
The torches which were lit 20 years ago by the people of Eindhoven have grown into a fire which enlightens the whole Netherlands and Europe.
If we can connect around common values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law; we can respect each others’ differences; we can live together as equals in dignity.
I congratulate you all and may the torchlight march of peace and harmony last forever in Eindhoven.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Dank ü well.

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