Photo Exhibition: Turkey’s Natural Values, 10-25 October 2020, Tilburg

Rotterdam Başkonsolosluğu 05.10.2020


Turkey is located at the confluence of Europe, Asia and Africa, and has been home to hundreds of civilizations. It also contains examples of the natural features of these three continents, as being under the influence of different climates and topographic diversity, has a rich variety of habitat, plant and animal species. Furthermore, it is one of the 6 countries with territories in both Asia and Europe. Transportation and commercial activities between the two continents are provided through the Bosphorus and Çanakkale Straits. In addition; Turkey is a peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides, and its population is around 84 million in total.

It is home to various plant species as being at conflux of three phtyogeograpihice region of the world (Euro-Siberian, Mediterranean and Irano-Turanian). There are around 3,500 plant species that live only in Turkey, nowhere else in the world.

Turkey is located on major bird migration routes, and there are 485 birds, over 170 mammals, nearly 380 butterflies, 168 reptiles and amphibians, 512 marine fish, over 370 freshwater fish species. It is rich in its mountains, valleys, canyons, caves, forests, steppes, seas, wetlands, plant and animal species, and habitat diversity. With all these features, it is one of the countries where three of the 35 Biodiversity hotspots (priority conservation regions) in the world (Mediterranean, Caucasus, Iran-Anatolia) intersect

“Nature and Cities” Project

Nature and Cities Project supported by the program “Turkey - EU Civil Society Dialogue V” coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of European Union, conducted by the partnership of Nature Conservation Center Foundation and Eurosite Association, in cooperation with Çankaya Municipality and beIN İZ TV. The main objective of the project is to develop the dialogue, knowledge transfer and cooperation between civil society organizations in Turkey and the Netherlands on environmental and sustainable development issues, and to encourage nature-based solutions and green infrastructure in cities in the framework of the the European Union acquis.

Photo Exhibition

Turkey's Natural Values Photo Exhibition is prepared under the "Nature and Cities Project" for a little trip to Turkey’s unique nature. The exhibition will be held at Spoorpark/Tilburg between 10-25 October, 2020.

It consists of 56 different photographs from 20 different photographers. In this booklet; photos are compiled for this exhibition to show Turkey's diverse ecosystems, important species and habitats, and Turkey's nature is promoted. Photographs were selected according to the themes listed below and detailed information is provided under each theme.


1. Turkey's forests

2. Turkey's marine and coasts

3. Turkey's mountains and caves

4. Turkey's steppes

5. Turkey's wetlands

6. Turkey's plants

7. Turkey's birds

8. Turkey's mammals

9. Turkey's butterflies

10. City and Nature in Turkey

A brief information will be given about all photos in Turkish, English and Dutch.

Visitors will be able to access all information and photos after the exhibition with the exhibition booklet to be produced.

An online exhibition will also be provided on the project website for those who are not able to visit.


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