Press Announcement

Rotterdam Başkonsolosluğu 27.05.2015

Esteemed Members of the Press,

The Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey, has announced that during the 25th Turkish Parliamentary Elections to be held on 29-31 May 2015 in The Netherlands, the Press members will be allowed to shoot footage and to make interviews at the beginning of the elections for a short period of time as long as they consider the privacy of elector’s vote and do not obstruct the voting procedure.

In line with the information above, the press members who want to follow the start of the elections in De BroodFabriek Expo&Event Center need to inform the Consulate General of Turkey in Rotterdam by sending an e-mail ( with their name, media institution, contact details and a copy of their valid press card until 28 May 2015. Members of the press are requested to be present in De BroodFabriek on 29 May 2015 at 09.45.

Turkish Consulate General in Rotterdam


Aytaç Yılmaz Consul General
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