Casa Dell'arte Residency Program Spring 2012 Call For Applications

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Casa dell'Arte Residency Program Spring 2012 Call for Applications

2012 Spring Residency:
24 April - 7 June

Exhibition Opening: 8 June

2012 Autumn Residency
: 3 September – 12 October

Exhibition Opening: 13 October


Casa dell’Arte Artists in Residence Program aims to provide an alternative platform for artistic production, collaboration and exhibition in the Eastern Mediterranean region by making the resources of Casa dell’Arte in Bodrum available to visual artists.

The residency program is held twice a year, in spring and autumn, with the participation of 5 artists and 1 curator for a period of 6 weeks. At the end of this period an exhibition is held at Casa dell’Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure in Bodrum, prior to a general exhibition in Istanbul. A yearly publication documenting the program and the artworks is published in autumn with contributions from resident curator and artists.

The program also aims to develop a public outreach through the involvement of artists with the local community through an individual or a collaborative project. While each artist is required to have a project proposal in the beginning, we strongly encourage their interaction with the local setting and experimentation with alternative materials and or ideas that may emerge during the residency.

The Curator in Residence

Each year, Casa dell’Arte invites a young curator to develop the residency program around their curatorial perspective. The curator in residence is responsible for preparing the final exhibition held at Casa dell’Arte Hotel of Arts & Leisure and acting as the editor of the yearly publication in collaboration with Casa dell’Arte. In addition, all suggestions regarding the organization of the program, guest lecturers and institutional partnerships are strongly encouraged.


Application Procedure


The selection procedure to determine participating artists is carried out by Casa dell’Arte in collaboration with the curator in residence.


The residency program is open to young curators and visual artists from all disciplines. Applications are to be sent by email ( and must include following elements:

-  A resume featuring selected exhibitions, projects, grants, awards, past residencies, educational background and contact information.

-  A statement of purpose describing your reasons to participate in the program and the project you intend to carry out during the residency (No more than 500 words)

- For Artists: a portfolio including information on dimensions, materials used and year of production (No more than 10 low-resolution images). 
- For Curators: documentation on previous curatorial work (no more than 2 sample texts and 10 low resolution images)


Proficiency in english is required from all participants.


20 January 2012

For further information:


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